Watch the Throne
17 Days and the Alphabet
Noiselessly Vocal: Free
For The Love Of Us
Noiselessly Vocal: Six Word Poems
Records of Romance
Noiselessly Vocal: 25 Years
Noiselessly Vocal: Encore
Noiselessly Vocal: Poetic Visuals
Noiselessly Vocal
Through the Gates

© 2019 by Ra'Von Simone Crawford 


Tekoa is in a crisis, and if he doesn't finish his final paper, there is a chance he may not graduate from grad school. Milan, is one failed audition away from being homeless and thrown out onto the street. When the two cross paths, it is a bumpy road and a wild ride as each of them are determined to help each other over the bridge of their situations. The burning question is, what is the true meaning of self-proclamation?

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